Dare to Dance 7: Free to Fly

Fri May 5 & Sat May 6, 8pm
Rainier Arts Center

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Some say to dance like no one is watching. We prefer to dance like we mean it, like we believe in ourselves and to inspire those who may have hesitated before to take that first step onto the dance floor. Uniting more than 50 dancers and choreographers on one stage, the show offers a vibrant and diverse experience reflecting the voices of many different communities and dance styles. From Bachata to Bollywood, from Lyrical to Waacking, this kaleidoscopic production will transport you to numerous worlds with each piece telling a unique story. Partial funding by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

Featured Choreographers & Artists: Ben Chi, Brynn Tweeddale & Esteban Parreno, Eury Rivera, Jonathan Ibarra (Mexico), Miyoung Seul Margolis, Nivedita Awasthi, Sandi Olson, Sarah Gordon & Johnny Bryant, Richard Knowles III, Zheng Wang, Rainier Dance Center, Sueños de Salsa Studio.

Rainier Arts Center (3515 S Alaska St) is only minutes away from I-90, and easily accessible by Lightrail. Free parking available on site and in nearby overflow lots. Contact us if you have any questions.

Bollywood is coming to Dare to Dance! We talked to some of the dancers as they rehearsed for our first-ever Bollywood dance, choreographed by Nivedita Awasthi.

Ignite Seattle was a blast!


Photo by Erica McGillivray

Sandi Olson and Zheng Wang, Administrative Director and Artistic Director of Dare to Dance, co-presented one of sixteen featured talks at Ignite Seattle‘s 10th Anniversary Event on Nov 17, 2016. The talk was aptly titled “So You Think You Can’t Dance”…

Contact us if you are interested in being part of the Dare to Dance movement – whether as a dancer, choreographer, administrator, volunteer – or if you just want to stay tuned by joining our mailing list! Also be sure to check us out on Facebook and YouTube.

Thank you to everyone who came to see our last show!

"Dare to Dance 6" group photo

June 2016, Rainier Arts Center

Featured artists: Impulse Artistry, Niki Johnson, Jared Jones & Splinter Dance Company, Richard Knowles III, Vidette McDowall, Nina Reckinger, Suzanne Simmons,  Brynn Tweeddale, Zheng Wang, Jonathan Williams, and more.

Partial funding by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

Re-live “Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising” (May 2015) with this 2-minute highlight reel!