Hard to believe it’s been so long since “Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising”… Taking place on May 1 & 2, 2015, the show was a celebration of love, unity, and of course creativity. Every time we put on a show, there seems to be many firsts. “Dare to Dance 5” was no exception:

  • For the first time, we did three performances, including a “family-friendly” matinee. Although our shows are generally far from risqué, this matinee performance was shorter and easier for kids. We had a number of kids in the audience, as young as 4, and they really enjoyed it! Actually, there was also an 8-month-old baby, but she couldn’t quite tell us how she felt about the show. We’ll just assume she liked it too.
  • Thanks to the REMIX dance team, we had a 6-year-old dancer on stage, rewriting our record for youngest performer. (The previous record was 7.) Interestingly, she shared the stage with a 61-year-old, which could be a new record for us as well… It’s hard to know for sure, since we don’t always ask our older performers about their age.
  • Choreographer Jonathan Williams’s creative mind brought us not one, but two firsts: first performance set to a spoken word piece with no music; and first time with a painter doing a painting on stage during a performance.
  • Our first silent auction was a success, and a lot of fun! Thank you to all our auction donors.

If you missed the chance to see the show, or if you want to relive all the memorable moments, here is a 2-minute highlight video: