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Open Audition for Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising


Come Dance With Us in
“Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising”

Interested in dancing on stage to a supportive audience? Coming back to dance after a long hiatus? Just want a place to “get your groove on” in a family-friendly environment?

If any of these sound like you or if you’re an experience dancer looking to expand your performance repertoire, please come to our open audition for Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising. It will be held at Freehold Theatre at 1pm on February 22nd. Auditions will take an hour (or less). You don’t need to have a prepared piece for us, just come ready to dance freestyle to a short selection of music from those choreographers who are looking for dancers. Both lead and backup roles are available in a wide range of dance and music genres and in any level of dancing skills or experience. Most previous audition attendees have found pieces to join. Please contact us to let us know you’ll be auditioning.

More details can be found on our Audition FAQ page.

Location Information:
Freehold Theatre
2222 2nd Ave

D2D Audition FAQs


General Audition FAQs:

Q: What style of dance and what kind of roles am I auditioning for?

A: Our show includes a mix of dance styles. Dancers in genres like hip-hop, contemporary, pop, jazz, and ballroom have all found their places in our show. Some dancers end up taking lead roles and some join as part of the group/background. Dance partners are welcome to audition in pairs.

Q: Are you really open to “all ages and skill levels”?

A: Yes. Absolutely. Even though we call this an “audition,” we make our best effort to accommodate everyone who loves to dance. After all, that’s what “Dare to Dance” is all about! If you have any specific concerns, please let us know.

Q: What will I be doing for the audition? Can I prepare a solo?

A: This is a group audition where you will be asked to dance freestyle to a number of songs. If you would like to perform a short solo (under 2 minutes), please include a request in your RSVP. We will accommodate your request as time allows. Bring your solo music on a CD, USB thumb drive, or an iTunes-compatible device with USB cord connected.

Q: What’s the time commitment for dancing in the show?

A: The show will be performed on Fri, May 1st & Sat, May 2nd evenings with the potential for a matinee performance on Saturday (TBD). Tech rehearsals will be on Saturday, Apr 25th and then a few evenings during the week of April 27-30th (depending on which piece(s) you perform in). The rest of the rehearsal process is handled by individual choreographers, so time demand will vary for each dance number. You may also end up dancing in multiple numbers. In general, rehearsals are held on weekday evenings or weekends.

Q: Is there any compensation?

A: Dancers are not paid for our show. In fact even choreographers and producers are not guaranteed any payment. This is one reason we have been able to put on full dance shows with no external funding, although we are exploring funding opportunities all year long so that the show can continue to grow. While it sounds like a cliche, it is true that everyone takes part in “Dare to Dance” for the sake of art!

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!