There are many reasons to see Dare to Dance 6: Unity in Motion this weekend. Like all Dare to Dance show, it’s an exciting and inspiring collection of original dances created by dance enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, from semi-professionals to total newbies. Our audience always loved the Dare to Dance experience, because our dancers are people just like them – office workers, software engineers, teachers, hairdressers, students, retired, unemployed… And the one thing in common is that we all love dance.

But every show also has its own unique characters. Here are some specific attractions at Dare to Dance 6:

10. “Beautiful people.”

9. What has been called “the all-time best cover” of a much-covered modern classic song, now set to a wonderful dance.

8. The return of Impulse Artistry!

Impulse Artistry photo

7. What two high school “kids” can do is amazing.

6. A dance with no music. Say what?!?

5. The triumphant return of Richard Knowles III, who brought us the spectacular “Glee Battle” in D2D2 and the mesmerizing “Lights” in D2D3, before being sidelined for the past two years due to a traumatic accident. Welcome back, Richard!!

Richard and dancers

4. Prince.

3. The Princapellas, a group of dancers modeled after… Well, come and see!

2. “Dare to Dance 6: Dare to Sing.”


1. Body percussion. Yep, it’s a thing. And it pops up in this show so much that you would think it was the result of intentional coordination. Nope… Pure coincidence. If you believe in such a thing as pure coincidence!

Body percussion wordcloud

Curious yet?? Get your advanced tickets at, or just come to the door!!

Dare to Dance 6: Unity in Motion

Fri Jun 3 & Sat Jun 4, 8pm

Rainier Arts Center