“Thank you for a wonderful show! It was an incredibly fun and creative journey to take with all of you!! It was an absolute joy to see not only the joy expressed by all the dancers but the joy in my daughter’s face as she watched the various dance forms and felt free to express herself at the end of the performance. Thank you for that gift. Looking forward to whatever you bring us next.” — Hyla, deaf educator 

“What a great show! We loved it! So much creativity and joy expressed. It was infectious. With deep gratitude and admiration – here’s to you, everyone who shared themselves in Dare to Dance 3. Can’t wait for Dare to Dance 4 or whatever is next!” — Rick, business director

“The performance and production quality made me completely forget that this was a cast of mostly amateur, but passionate dancers and artists. Hope there will be more to come!” — Bridget, marketing analyst 

“The show was fantastic! We enjoyed it so much! It was brilliant to use the videos to introduce the audience to the dancers. It gave us the sense that we ‘knew’ the dancers and could appreciate what brought them to be part of Dare to Dance. I loved the passion, the realness of it all. Thoroughly enjoyable in a really different (yet no less wonderful) way than going to a professional dance performance. Congratulations on putting together an ambitious, evocative and completely enjoyable performance. I will look forward to future productions!” — Mia, education expert 

“I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your performance (and the others)! What a great job everyone did – from the lighting to the choreography to the interviews and of course the dancers. Great event overall, with fabulous vibe of acceptance, tolerance, community and joy. I loved it. I will definitely recommend it to others when Dare to Dance 4 is scheduled.” — Simone

“I went to ‘Dare to Dance’ with no expectations… It was pure Joy. The men and women in the cast had obviously put not only their time and energy into the show but also what seemed like the whole lot of their Spirit, Love, Heart, Passion, Creativity, Joy, Humor, Generosity, and FUN. Give yourself a treat and go experience a group of your fellow human beings as they ‘Dare to Dance’.” — Eric, entrepreneur

“‘Dare to Dance’ has for once broken the stigma that you have to be a practiced professional to dance on stage. It takes the public’s outcry for spontaneity and ‘just do it’ mentality and gets things done. It delivers the opportunity for, and beauty of, giving everyone a voice, or in this case a stomp. In our compassion we want everyone to be happy, to feel important. ‘Dare to Dance’ brings this to the table and more. Performances to stimulate the mind and emotions verses walking away shell shocked by the levels of precision. What is the definition of perfect anyway. Shouldn’t it be ‘just as you are’, well here it is my friends. On your doorstep! Heart warming and motivational, these dances are all about supporting our community and making new friends! It’s good entertainment for dance lovers or anyone in the mood for a heart warming good time. Bravo to the organizers and performers! Go and support your community and see how happy dancing can make you feel!!!” — Adrian, free spirit