Only three weeks until curtains rise on “Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising”! So what does that mean behind-the-scene?

It means we have a setlist and all performances are confirmed. (And as always, the song selections make an awesome playlist!) It means all the groups have been busy rehearsing – for anywhere between one month and several months – and are now approaching the final polishing stage. It means a lot of conversations about costumes, props, and set pieces have been happening, which can be a really fun part of the process, or a really stressful part.

It also means this whole thing is starting to feel very real. It also means the excitement – and anxiety – is building toward Tech Week which, as everyone in the theatre world knows, is always a chaotic and exhilarating mess before everything magically gels together. It also means the passage of time has sped up, and the mere 21 days between now and then will zip by before we know it.

It means that the artistic creation known as “Dare to Dance 5: Love Uprising,” the culmination of inspiration, passion, and emotion from our 50+ performers and staff, is rapidly taking shape and getting ready to greet the world. To meet you.

Are you ready to meet it?

Broadway Performance Hall